7 things I have learned in the last two elections

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If you already read this, then you know about my involvement in politics. I like to make policy and I believe in changing political class in Romania. I know that Romania has valuable people who still do not work abroad ;). I have many party colleagues whom I admire and who are professional, with integrity, above all, ready to work and to put shoulder. It is true that we run into old bad habits, fear of change, but I think it is not important what politics you do if you are a man of character, with principles and common sense.

During my four years slalom among people, politicians, halls of power, politics and election campaigns, this is what I think I know:

  1. Politicians (neither I nor those whom I admire) did not come out of your comfort zone. Our great enemy is habit, demoted in the party now. Reform will not ever work from interior without a leader with vision and will. Unfortunately, PNL has not. Yet.
  2. The difference between village and city is much bigger than I thought. People in rural areas are far from the standard of living that we expect to have him as a European country and popular “mayor is big daddy” works better than any hunch that I had 4 years ago. We still have a long way to “autonomous individual”.
  3. Internal party struggle is much tougher and more important than any election campaign. There you’ll never get what you are promised, so Mr Băsescu was right with the axiom “there is no gratitude in politics is …?”
  4. Policy is made by people for people, so it is their likeness. Look elected deputies who represent us in the eyes of those and you will see “the image of Romanian politics”….
  5. At the start of the campaign, most of my colleagues have gone

and laid out shoulder just to be well, not to be evil 😉 most had personal interests, or hoped that they will be better. You can count on fingers those who fought for ideology, for liberalism, for values above “I need …”.

  1. It is easy to stand back, do nothing and critics. Repeat here all that came out in the street, for all who want to get involved. Do it organized within a party! We need voices like yours which to oppose the current political status quo and represent the democracy we want.
  2. I cannot leave the PNL. I had many disappointments, struggles that I lost, but I believe in liberalism since childhood, I think everyone can decide for himself and what he thinks is exactly what happens. A liberal society with minimal involvement of the state is the social model that I believe so I #rezist ..